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Scootercrew Motorbike

We are designated drivers servicing the Kansas City, Missouri area. ScooterCrew is a convenient way to safely get home from the Plaza, Westport, Power & Light, Waldo and Brookside without risk of arrest or serious injury. The Hassle of hiring a Taxi, leaving behind a valuable vehicle overnight and arranging to retrieve it the following day are eliminated.

Three easy steps to ensure a safe ride home. 

1. Call 816-994-2623 about 30 minutes before you want to be picked up and provide our dispatcher with the time and place you would like your ScooterCrew Driver to meet you.

2. Your fully insured Driver will contact you by mobile phone when they arrive, fold their scooter, place it in a chemically resistant bag, and load it in your trunk.

3. Your Driver will record your insurance information, and drive you and any passengers home safely in your car. Your Driver will then remove their scooter,
return your keys, and drive away.

Also a great service to use when returning from doctor appointments.


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